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Management Team

Supporting Clients with a Highly Qualified, Experienced Team

Successful contracts begin with a highly qualified team with a history of completing federal projects on time and within budget. Since federal contracts are all we do, clients benefit from our team’s expertise in managing and performing on all types of government projects, including IDIQ contracts. By selecting E-Corp as their contractor, clients gains the support of dedicated key personnel with an average of more than 20 years of construction and 15 years of federal contracting experience.

E-Corp was founded in 2002 by Eddie Lee, CPA, as a general contracting firm with the philosophy of Excellence in Contracting, Exceeding Your Expectations, and Exceptional Performance. Capitalizing on his 25 years of financial management experience, including 10 years of construction financial expertise, Mr. Lee ensured E-Corp was established with a strong financial foundation. To complement his financial background, Mr. Lee hired Shaun Froelich to oversee E-Corp’s operations divisions. Since our inception in 2002, E-Corp has had no changes to our leadership or our bonding, banking, and insurance relationships—ever.