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SolarWall® Systems

Understanding How Solar® Systems Work

The SolarWall®system is a passive heating (winter) and ventilation (summer) system which uses the sun’s energy to pre-heat ventilated air to approximately 187° Fahrenheit (F). Here is how the system works:

  1. E-Corp installs the SolarWall® on the exterior of the building walls or roof with minimal impact to the building or occupants.
  2. The SolarWall® system augments existing or new HVAC systems by supplying solar-heated air directly into the building using conventional fans and ductwork (Figure 1) or into the HVAC system using the existing air handler units (AHUs) and ductwork (Figure 2) for distribution.
  3. This very effective passive solar heating system consists of perforated metal cladding SolarWall® panels set 8” to 12” away from the building exterior, creating an air cavity in which the air is heated to 187° F.
  4. The SolarWall® is secured to the building with a specially designed metal frame.
  5. The air is first heated and then rises to the top of the SolarWall® through natural convection before fans pump it directly into the building or HVAC system.

On a typical sunny day, the inside ambient air temperature is heated anywhere from 55-70° F, reducing or eliminating the traditional heating load for the day. The SolarWall® system also acts as a rain screen and can be used for exterior building renovations when exterior siding needs to be replaced or brick/masonry tuck-point is required.