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JP8/Distiller Projects

Project 1c

JP8 Permanent Purge Fluid Station

Randolph AFB, Texas

E-Corp completed this seven-month USAF Hill AFB design-build project in October 2012. This JP8/purge fluid distillation system included installation of the following:

  • 12,000-gallon purge fluid tank
  • 12,000-gallon contaminated fluid tank
  • Both tanks are double wall UL-142 “Flameshield” and have self-contained control panel, meter, shut-off values, circulation pumps, piping, retractable aircraft hoses and connections.
  • 2,500-SF concrete pad
  • Electrical service and panels

This system is capable of 24-hour operation servicing any fighter and transport aircraft in the DoD with a fuel tank capacity up to 10,000 gallons

Project Costs:  $546,000.00
Aircraft Recovering Time: As little as 2 hours
Environmental Impact: 0