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JP8/Distiller Projects

Project 2

P8 Purge Fluid Distiller System Bldg. 236

Hill AFB, Utah

E-Corp is currently performing this eight-month USAF Hill AFB design-build project and is on schedule to complete this in Sept. 2015. This JP8/purge fluid distillation system included installation of the following:

  • 2 – 22,000-gallon purge fluid and contaminated fluid tanks
  • 4,000-gallon off-spec (diesel fuel) fluid tank and dispenser pump station
  • 600-gallon per hour distillation unit
  • Purge fluid heater
  • 40-ton chiller
  • Water separator
  • Redundant purge fluid filters
  • Multiple circulation pumps
  • Multiple shut-off and control valves
  • Welded and mechanically fitted stainless steel piping, fittings and connections
  • On-station control panels and remote control panels
  • Electrical service and panels
  • 27’x30’-SF structural steel canopy
  • Approximately 2,000-SF concrete containment area and pads

This system is capable of servicing any fighter and transport aircraft in the DoD with a fuel tank capacity up to 20,000 gallons. This system is capable of 24-hour operation and continuous processing of 600 gallons of contaminated JP8 purge fluid per hour, producing 30 gallons of off-spec jet fuel (diesel fuel) per 600 gallons of processed of contaminated JP8 purge fluid, reclaiming 570 gallons of distilled purge fluid from every 600 gallons of contaminated JP8 purge fluid processed to be reused.

Project Costs:  $4,100,000.00
Aircraft Recovering Time: As little as 2 hours
Environmental Impact: 0
Off-Spec Fuel Production: 30 gal/ 600 gal processed