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Completed Projects

Tooele Army Depot ECIP SolarWalls

Tooele, Utah

E-Corp’s strategic planning saved the NPS money by reducing long-term heating and cooling costs. The work performed under this contract consisted of the general construction of a new water treatment plant at Temple Bar, Arizona, and at Cottonwood Cove, Nevada—both to remove arsenic from groundwater. The scope included site work, structures, absorptive media filtration treatment system, electrical and mechanical features, controls and alarms, and all components needed to provide treatment for arsenic removal at the Temple Bar (Mohave County) Arizona and Cottonwood Cove (Clark County) Nevada developed areas of Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

Our team constructed the water treatment plants using sustainable design and construction. By placing the primary treatment equipment—absorptive media filters—under a shade structure rather than enclosing them in a conditioned space, E-Corp minimized building construction and long-term heating and cooling costs. Further, installation of photovoltaic panels (solar) offset a portion of each water treatment plant’s energy consumption. The building architecture is consistent with Park standards, while matching the surrounding environment to the greatest degree possible.