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Solarwall Projects

Project 2

Repair HVAC with SolarWalls – Bldg. 850

Hill AFB, Utah

For this 6-month project, E-Corp installed approximately 4,450 SF of single-stage SolarWall® systems on the southeast exterior wall of the building and ducted the heated air directly into the building. Work included penetrating the wall in 4 air intake locations and ducting the heated air directing into the building where a damper and a DDC control system were installed to control the solar-heated air. During the summer, the system is equipped with the ability to vent the heated air to the outside, leaving the inside of the building cool for the workers.

Our team completed this project from March 2011 to August 2011. To complete the project successfully and without disruption to the customer, E-Corp worked around a fully operational loading dock and overcame the challenge of fitting the SolarWall® system with pre-existing storage racks.

SolarWall® Size: 4,450 SF
Bldg. Type: Warehouse
Project Cost: $140,841.00