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Fostering Worker, Site, and Environmental Protection with our Safety Program

At E-Corp, our safety program receives top priority throughout our company. Our DART and TCIR rates of perfect “0” and our EMR safety rating of .69—substantially lower than the national average of 1.0—speaks volumes about the emphasis we place on safety throughout our projects and the ongoing training required of our employees.

E-Corp’s ability to perform and complete both small and major multi-discipline projects on time and without incident to the workers, general public, or environment provides a low-risk solution for our customers. Our EMR safety rating is well below industry standards and has enabled us to obtain exceptionally competitive insurance rates and bond rates hovering around one percent—one of the lowest rates bonding companies see.

E-Corp takes a comprehensive approach to protect the safety and health of our employees, subcontractors, the general public, and other stakeholders. Our safety program is based on U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) EM385 Manual and OSHA Safety and Health Standards, 29 CFR Part 192–Safety and Health Regulations for Construction and Hazardous Waste Operations Safety guidance. We provide OSHA training for all of our management personnel and have developed an OSHA-based worker training and documentation program.

Emphasizing Safety

  • EMR Safety Rating of .67 -well below industry standard.
  • TCIR and DART safety rates of perfect “0”
  • Only one OSHA lost-time incident in more than 1000 and 12 years to 15+ years.
  • OSHA – certified superintendents and project managers.