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General Construction

E-Corp provides general construction services to various federal agencies throughout 15 states. E-Corp is known as a best value contractor. Our team has a track record of completing projects within budget and on time; we complete 20 percent of projects significantly ahead of schedule.

FAA Construction ATCBI-6 at Provo Airport

Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada

E-Corp completed the FAA Construction ATCBI-6 project at Provo Airport in the Runway Safety Area (RSA). A significant amount of work took place on and next to active runways and the air traffic control tower (ATCT). E-Corp and its subcontractors coordinated efforts with the FAA and the local airport management to ensure that the regular traffic and operations of the airport were not disrupted. Despite this project’s highly secure, fully operational location, E-Corp completed the project ahead of schedule, without disrupting FAA critical missions, and without any security breaches.

E-Corp added the infrastructure, utilities, and structures needed to install the ATCBI-6 radar and equipment at the Provo airport. Our team performed the following work:

  • Installation of significant structural foundations to support the new structural steel tower and the masonry building that would house and support the necessary equipment
  • Wood framing, metal roofing and soffit, drywall, paint, and major electrical and mechanical component installations of the masonry building
  • Installation of a back-up diesel generator
  • Installation of electrical component wiring and conduit to provide the needed power requirements

New site utilities—electrical and communication conduit and wire—had to be installed from the new site to the existing ATCT. E-Corp coordinated the efforts of local electrical and communication providers to supply the site.


Repair Generator with Auto Transfer Switch (High-voltage Substation)

Hill Air Force Base, Utah

E-Corp performed this project while court was in session. To avoid disrupting occupants, we worked as quietly as possible and only used loud tools when court was not in session. Despite working around active courtrooms, E-Corp completed this demolition and office construction project on time.

For this project, we designed and constructed an extensive renovation of a federal judge’s chambers. The existing conditions were very dated and dirty. The first part of this job included asbestos abatement of 9”x 9” floor tile and mastic. Then we moved to demolition of all ceiling tile and partial amounts of the grid. A portion of the walls were removed and reframed to different locations. Next we replaced drywall and installed new ceiling grid and fire sprinklers in designated areas.

At the same time, all wallpaper was removed from plaster walls and they were skim coated. The entire site was painted with colors of the judge’s choice. In the kitchen area, we installed new tile on the floor and new oak cabinetry. The reception area also received new oak cabinetry. We installed new custom oak base throughout the entire space, as well as custom-made chair railing and crown molding in designated areas. We installed new light fixtures and all new devices throughout. The GSA provided carpet that E-Corp installed throughout.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) ECIP SolarWalls®

Tooele Army Depot, Utah

For the Tooele Army Deport ECIP SolarWalls® project, E-Corp worked directly with Conserval, the proprietor of the SolarWall® technology, to place approximately 11,250 square feet of solar panel on the walls of 11 buildings—spread out across Tooele Army Depot—and tie these panels into air handling units (AHUs) inside the buildings. SolarWall technology is a solar air heating system that heats building ventilation air and improves indoor air quality. SolarWall® systems deliver huge life-cycle cost savings.

At the start of the project, E-Corp identified one of the original buildings in the statement of work (SOW) as a poor candidate for the SolarWall® system. We proposed another building for the system and were able to provide SolarWalls® for the new building, complete with design and without additional costs to the government.

The scope of work included the following:

  • Penetrating the wall between the air intake locations
  • Ducting the heated air into the building (using insulated duct) where E-Corp installed a damper and a DDC control system to control the solar-heated air between the two air handling units
  • Installing SolarWalls® on buildings 507, 509, 510, 519, 594, 1236, 1261, 1265, 1267, 1376, and 1400
  • Adding a single-stage and a two-stage SolarWall® system

Despite the project being spread out over a large geographic area, E-Corp successfully installed SolarWalls® for the USACE on time and on budget.