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High Security

E-Corp has performed on more than 1000 projects for various federal agencies. Federal work is all we do. Our team is highly experienced in performing projects at high-security, fully occupied sites. We have a team of experts that have PIV security badging in place to allow us access into most federal facilities, and many of our personnel also have badging that allows them on military installations.

Our team knows what it takes to work in high-security, fully operational areas without disrupting employees or critical missions. In 11 years of business, we have never had a security violation. E-Corp has performed more than 50 projects at federal buildings for the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). We have also completed work for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) at air traffic control centers (ARTCC), including the Denver ARTCC, the 15th busiest control center in the U.S. that oversees the safety and organization of more than 1.5 million aircraft a year. The E-Corp team has also performed construction at federal hospitals and on military flight lines alongside aircraft.

 F-22 Hangar 206 Restore Fire Protection System

Hill Air Force Base, Utah

The F-22 Hangar 206 Restore Fire Protection project was a highly specialized design-build project. E-Corp upgraded an existing hangar to meet all Air Force requirements for fire and life safety to allow maintenance work on F-16s and C-130s in the same hangar. The design included seven strategically placed generators to disperse fire foam over aircraft, as well as the upgrade and synchronization of the fire alarm system to work in conjunction with the foam and sprinkler system. A large part of the project included comprehensive commissioning and testing of the complete system, including discharge and coverage verification of the foam generators, as shown in the picture.

One big challenge that surfaced during design was the government’s request for additional fire protection areas to accommodate more aircraft. This impacted a very tight schedule with two critical path milestones. The first milestone required construction be completed before Hill AFB’s annual air show and the second milestone involved a follow-on contract to remodel additional spaces in the hangar.

To resolve these conflicts, E-Corp acquired approval to purchase long-lead items (the foam generators) while waiting for a contract modification and final design. Additionally, we added extra shifts and crews at the start of construction to get the generators installed before the air show. Two weeks prior to the air show, we removed all evidence of construction and cleaned the area to allow free access and present well to the base and its visitors. After the air show, we brought in additional crews to complete the remaining work and test the systems before the second construction phase began. Both of the government’s needs/milestones were met without impacting the aircraft maintenance program schedule of the hangar.

F-16 Trolley Fall Arrest Systems

Hill Air Force Base, Utah

The F-16 Trolley Fall Arrest Systems project consisted of the design and installation of fall protection systems and equipment for mechanics and technicians working on the aircraft at Hill AFB in eight different facility locations. The project was extremely fast-paced. We completed the design and engineering in 45 days from the award of the contract, and the fabrication and installation in 60 days after design approval.

E-Corp installed more than 10,000 square feet of support structure for the fall protection, along with more than 300 fall protection personnel devices, all in close proximity to the aircraft. E-Corp worked in between and around these aircraft without incident. We completed the entire project in high-security, 24-hour restricted facilities on schedule and without incident.

Because the facilities are used to maintain more than 500 aircraft a year, E-Corp had to use detailed scheduling to resolve numerous scheduling conflicts. We worked nights and weekends, as needed, to avoid disruption to the facility occupants. Additionally, we had to remove or relocate several utilities to accommodate the fall protection structure. Through careful planning and coordination, E-Corp avoided interrupting aircraft maintenance and completed this project on time and without any incidents.

GSA 7th Floor Probation Office Remodel

Cheyenne, Wyoming

The 7th Floor Probation Office Remodel was a design-build project that E-Corp completed in two phases at the JC O’Mahoney Federal Courthouse. The highly secure building remained occupied during both phases. The project included asbestos abatement, demolition, drywall, framing, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, paint, carpet, fire sprinklers, fire alarms, case and trim work, ceiling work, and A & E.

The first phase—which was the larger of the two—was completed while the second phase area was fully occupied. The E-Corp team worked closely with tenants to coordinate the phasing and move from phase to phase.

Phase one consisted of the majority of the demolition and abatement. Demolition for this project was exceptionally complex. The building space was used for high-security operations, including holding inmates. For security purposes, we had to be extra diligent in keeping track of our tools. Additionally, all of the walls consisted of double-layer drywall with a thick wire mesh underneath, which made it extremely difficult to remove the walls. We also dealt with bulletproof walls that were layered with Kevlar and were impossible to cut.