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IDIQ Management

E-Corp is highly experienced in completing facility renovations at critical, occupied, and fully operational locations. Through flexibility, advanced planning, and detailed scheduling, E-Corp completes projects without disrupting clients’ personnel or missions.

Hill Air Force Base SABER

Since the construction site for this project was an active hospital, E-Corp had to work closely with medical staff to ensure Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) Patient Protection Policies were closely followed. This project was expected to take more than six months to complete; E-Corp completed the project within six weeks, more than 120 days ahead of schedule.

This project consisted of 232,000 square feet of interior and exterior maintenance and repair work to the hospital. The E-Corp team repaired and maintained electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and miscellaneous items, such as base, carpeting, tile, and window treatments. We also painted all interior walls and repaired and maintained/landscaped areas to include grass removal/replant and xeriscaping for plants. The scope of work for this project included the following:

  • Removal and replacement of 8,900 LF of cover base
  • Removal and reinstallation of protective wall guard throughout the hospital
  • Painting of 150,000 SF of public use areas
  • Removal of 10 15x15x5” concrete housing pads for the ADA octagon tables and installation of 5 15x15x5” new concrete pads
  • Removal of more than 67,000 SF of existing grass and a total of 92 trees
  • Installation of trees, more than 16,000 SF of sod, and drip irrigation
  • Installation of 1,138 tons of 2-6” river rock and 37 tons of ¾” red granite decorative rock

E-Corp completed all interior work during evening hours to avoid disrupting hospital functions. This permitted us to complete the project without disrupting hospital staff and function, and it increased our productivity in the workspace since we were free of any obstructions, allowing us to complete the project significantly ahead of schedule.


FAA Denver JOC

E-Corp is currently performing on four JOCs: one for the U.S. Forest Service and three for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). E-Corp’s work on the FAA Denver JOC has taken place at highly secure, fully operational, and critical sites, such as active runways and air traffic control towers. We have completed these task orders without any safety or security issues or disruption to personnel and critical functions. We have performed on more than 50 JOC task orders, managing 9 concurrent task orders at a time.

FAA Dining Room Renovation

E-Corp has been awarded seven Multiple Award Task Order Contracts (MATOC), three for the National Park Service (NPS), one for U.S. Fish and Wildlife, and three for the Air National Guard. E-Corp is currently performing NPS MATOC, which consists of the planning and execution of multiple task orders simultaneously ranging in size from $10,000 to $1,000,000 at various locations throughout New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma. The NPS MATOC involves simultaneous performance of up to six task orders, requiring expeditious response and efficient task-order management. To date, E-Corp has been awarded more than 20 task orders with an aggregate value of $5 million

Nellis Air Force Base MAC

E-Corp has performed on five MACCs for the U.S. Air Force and one for the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), including this five-year, design-build Multiple Award Construction Contract (MACC) at Nellis Air Force Base (AFB). We have performed on more than 150 MACC task orders. Currently, our team has completed our Nellis AFB MACC task orders an average of 120 days ahead of schedule.