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New Construction

E-Corp is committed to total client satisfaction. Through the use of our thorough Quality Control System, we ensure that high-quality materials are being used and top-quality workmanship is provided throughout all phases of procurement, design, fabrication, construction, and installation of equipment and facilities. To ensure that we fulfill our responsibility in quality control, E-Corp follows the three-step quality control process used by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) on every one of our projects. These procedures and policies begin in the design phase of the project and continue in the construction phase until final acceptance.

Construct Addition, Building 42

Nellis Air Force Base, Utah

Construct Addition, Building 42 was a 100 percent design-build project for the new construction of a complete and usable 2,200 square foot facility with a 300 square foot secured room at Nellis AFB. The addition is a standalone facility connected to an existing building by an enclosed walkway. The addition matches the existing building’s exterior finishes.

For this project, E-Corp met Director of Central Intelligence Directive 6/9 and the 57 Wing Advanced Program Office’s construction requirements while constructing a building that housed sensitive compartmented information. The secured room perimeter walls were constructed to meet STC-50 rated wall assemblies (floor to ceiling) and hard-lid ceiling assembly. We constructed a communication room approximately 10 feet by 7 feet and a separate mechanical/electrical room. The remaining space was used as an open office space for 17 people. The project included the following:

 U.S. Air Force Reserve Squad Operations Building

Hill Air Force Base, Utah

This project consisted of the construction and commissioning of a new two-story building for the Air Force Reserve Squadron. E-Corp built the first floor of this building to include a training room, an administrative common area, men and women’s locker rooms, men and women’s restrooms, a mechanical room, an electrical room, and an IT room. The second floor of this building includes a Flight Commander’s office, the Flight Administration office, two administrative common areas, Scheduler office, break room, conference room, mechanical room, elevator mechanical room, electrical room, IT room, and men and women’s restrooms.

We designed this building to incorporate various methods of construction that enabled it to be Silver LEED® -certified at completion, as that was one of the project requirements. We officially registered this project with the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and constructed the building with a LEED® staff.

One of our best accomplishments was to have no accidents or injuries on the project. Our safety and quality control plans were well written and well executed by E-Corp and its subcontractors.