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JP8 / Distiller

Reducing Aircraft Maintenance Downtime and Disposal Costs

With the JP8/purge fluid distillation system, the Department of Defense (DoD) can greatly reduce costs associated with aircraft maintenance and disposing of purge fluid by-product. The six-step purge fluid distillation system begins with pumping the clean purge fluid into the aircraft and ends with the distiller unit pumping clean reclaimed purge fluid for reuse and off-spec fuel for use in any equipment, machinery, or vehicles into their appropriate tanks.

Since 2011, E-Corp has installed four JP8/purge fluid systems at Hill Air Force Base (AFB) and Randolph AFB, generating significant cost savings for the DoD and considerably reducing the environmental impact of aircraft fuel removal emissions. Through this experience, E-Corp is on the forefront of JP8/purge fluid distillation technology and has become the only design-build contractor in the U.S. with proven expertise to design and construct such a system.

As the leading JP8/purge fluid distillation system design-build contractor, E-Corp has partnered with the DoD to design and construct JP8/purge fluid systems that reduce aircraft maintenance downtime to as little as 2 hours and aircraft fuel emissions to almost ZEO, while lowering operating costs and shortening the payback period.

Delivering Significant Cost Savings and Reducing Environmental Impact

The JP8/purge fluid distillation system not only provides significant economic savings, but it also reduces the environmental impact of aircraft fuel removal emission to ZERO, allowing the DoD to take a leadership role in reducing pollution locally, regionally, and globally. Purge fluid distillation system users realize the following benefits:

  • Reduces aircraft fuel removal time to as little as 2 hours
  • Completely eliminates all environmental impact of aircraft fuel removal emissions
  • Produces off-spec jet fuel (diesel fuel) for use in any equipment, machinery, or vehicles, reducing annual diesel fuel costs
  • Allows 95% of contaminated purge fluid to be distilled and reused infinitely
  • Reduces annual cost for purge fluid
  • Generates NO unwanted by-product for disposal

Learn how the JP8/Purge Fluid Distillation System Works

By reducing aircraft maintenance downtime, producing diesel fuel for other use, allowing contaminated purge fluid to be reused, and eliminating the need to dispose of by-product, the JP8/purge distillation system reduces all operating costs and drastically shortens the payback period.

Getting Started

For more information on how you can experience significant savings on operating costs, contact our primary point of contact, Curtis Buck, AIA, or project manager, Bob Heald.

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